How It Works ?

Are You a Designer?

Do You have a portfolio of Ready-made logos that are ready to be uploaded on and shown to thousands of potential clients ?

Name Your store and get ready to upload Your logos.
Keep in mind that all the logos have to be unique, memorable and original!

All the logos will go through approval process and our team of highly specialized designers will catch any problem that Your logo might have, thus the logo will be rejected.

We have high standards to suit every need of our clients and You have to be ready to provide exactly what we are asking for:

High Quality Logos


How it works?


Sign Up / Register button will lead You to register with our website as a vendor. Once You start the process make sure to type in the correct e-mail address and name Your store. Your store name will at the same time be Your store URL, which is important for customers and for You as a designer.

Inside the Vendor dashboard You will be able to add new products, view Your orders, change Your store information and personal details.

Make sure to upload high quality logos! Review process will last no longer than 24 hours.

Make sure to submit Your Ready-made logos with the criteria that requires.

Add a proper title to Your logo and, for SEO purposes, finish Your logo title with the word “Logo”.
Example: Red Lion Logo

Description, along with the logo title, is most important part of uploading process.
Reason is simple, if You want Your logo to be shown on Google Search results and Google Image Search results, make sure to write a proper description in which You will describe Your logo with smooth and clean text.

Do not add keywords or list of keywords inside Description as that will lower the effect of Your logo being shown in the Search Engines.

On LogoGather minimum price is set at 200 USD, while most logos sell at a range of 300 USD to 350 USD. Of course that does not mean You can’t put a higher price on Your logo (Max. is 3000 USD).

When it comes to discount prices, we do not offer discounts, we do not have “Make an offer” option.
We work with Fixed prices that You can lower in case You want to, inside Your Dashboard – Products area.

During the upload process, You will probably upload the image of Your logo first.
For that please download our Template below and preview an example inside the file.
Export an image of Your logo in JPEG format.
All images are sent without a company name and without any tagline.
We want to focus our client’s attention to the logo only. In case Your client wants You to add a company name and a tagline, You will be able to do that during the customization process.

Download the Template

When You get to tags / keywords part of the upload process, You will be able to write up to 10 tags that will describe Your logo in a best way.
Every logo will be reviewed and in that process logos that have irrelevant keywords, will be sent back to designer for revision.

Type in the keywords only relevant to Your logo.

We do not want eagles in lion logos, as an example. That will confuse the clients and waste their time searching through multiple irrelevant logos to find the right one.

Make sure to upload a ZIP file that contains the EPS file of Your logo and a JPEG file. The ZIP File name and the Title of Your logo should be the same, because that file will be sent to the buyer at the Checkout process! In case Your client requests a customization, You will send the new files via “Order page” or directly to Your client’s email.

In Your Vendor dashboard, make sure to type in the correct PayPal address. We send payments automatically when the logo is sold. has a fixed commission of 10%, the rest is all Yours.


We are looking forward to see Your work!