Designer FAQ

Designer FAQ

Once you register and create your store, you will be able to upload your ready-made logos from your vendor dashboard > products section.

Yes, you can. However, every logo must be removed from LogoGather once that logo is sold elsewhere.

Same goes for logos that are sold on LogoGather. If one of your logos gets sold, you have to remove that logo from any other place where it was placed for sale.

You can't sell logos that are already sold and in case you sell a logo on LogoGather and don't remove it within 24 hours from every other website, that will result in closing of your account and a permanent ban.

Yes, you can. However, to be accepted the logo has to come from the contest that is closed (a winner is selected) and your logo was not a part of the winning entries.

Yes, you can. We accept every logo that is created originally by you, including letter based logos. However, you can't use already existing font or fonts.

No you can't!

All logos have to be created from scratch and be original. You can't copy other designers or their logos or part of logos, you can't use clipart, you can't use the same elements in multiple logos.

Every logo has to be unique, original and created from scratch!

All logos are reviewed within 24 hours.

LogoGather has a high quality standards and logo that doesn't satisfy the quality requirements will be declined and stay in your pending area inside the product section.

In case there is a different reason for declining your logo, you will be notified by email with explanation. Some reasons might be that you sent wrong files of your logo, your ZIP file doesn't contain EPS and JPEG files, your image is not inside the parameters as instructed in our template, etc.

In case you sold a logo and your client wants a customization (to add company name, add tagline, change colors, minor design changes) you have to provide revisions within 24 hours and send them to your client via our messaging system inside the "Order" or directly to your client's email.

Once the revision is finished and your client decided on a final version of the logo, you have to send a ZIP folder, containing the files of the final version, to your client via email and also upload final files in a ZIP folder via our messaging system that is inside your "Order".

Yes, there is an inquiry button / form on your profile and some clients might contact you before purchasing the logo.

You can send a message to your potential client by simply replying to the inquiry form that you got directly to your mail inbox.

If you got an inquiry from a potential client and he / she offered you a lower price or asked you to lower the price, the decision is completely yours.

You can negotiate a price with your client and you can lower the price by finding your logo inside product area and manually setting the lower price. Keep in mind that minimum price is set at 200 USD, so you can't go lower than that.

You can also reply to your client that you don't want to reduce the price, because your logo is worth every penny. However, do that politely.

Minimum price of a logo on is 200 USD and maximum price is set to 3,000 USD.

You can set a price of your logo to be anywhere between minimum and maximum, but most logos are sold in a range of 300 USD to 350 USD. has a fixed commission of 10%. The rest is all yours. sends payments automatically when the logo is sold. There is no delay and there is no fixed date.

Once you sell a logo you get payed instantly!

Right now we work only via PayPal and all payouts are done via PayPal. We are working on including Payoneer as a Payment option in the future.

Before uploading Your logos, You can learn how it works